The grocery shopping revolution!

"Don't just eat. Repeat!"

Repeat XP provides appropriately priced and nutritionally balanced recipes that are accurately adjusted to your dietary specifications. We develop meal plans and shopping lists based on your profile and other specifications as budget, maximising the value of your weekly spend.

We do the work for you, just type your details and preferences. Repeat is a fully guided service, focused on an enjoyable, hussle-free cooking experience. We will show you the exact products you need to buy, and the preparation steps for how to cook each of the recipes.

Repeat XP is on its mission of making homemade food the predominant taste across UK’s tongues.

Download Repeat XP, avoid the hussle and join grocery shopping revolution!

Meet the team

We don't bite!

Ignacio González-Alcalde


Samuel Innocent-Primus Mungy


Andrei Nistor

Front-end Technical Lead


Cambridge University

Entrepreneurship Centre

“Just try it! You will repeat.” Download Repeat XP for a hussle-free and enjoyable diet!

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